Bereavement Village Partner Benefit Website User Agreement:

All materials on this website are the intellectual property of Carson’s Village and are intended for use only by Carson’s Village Partners.  The materials on this website may be used, copied, and distributed for use on behalf of or in aid of Carson’s Village Clients.

It is not permissible to

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  • Reproduce any content without appropriate attribution to the original author(s)
  • Copy materials in whole or in part to present as your own work-product
  • Reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, publish, or broadcast this material for commercial (paid) purposes
  • Use, copy, or distribute these materials for any purpose that is outside the scope of your partnership role with Carson’s Village without express written permission from Carson’s Village

By registering for a User Account, you permit Carson’s Village to send you email communications and to abide by the restrictions above.

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